27 Deepawali Tihar Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room That Most Of The Nepali Don’t Know

Tihar is a time when you have to renovate the house to embody the holiday spirit truly. There are many other ways to celebrate the festival as Tihar is the festival of wealth and colourful lights. Lighting the house involves much more than lights! Deepawali décor includes the classic approach of renovating the puja room, entrance, lighting, furnishings, and everything else that comes along.

Another idea that is catching up with homeowners is the custom arrangement of carpets and rugs according to each one’s preferences and style. The home decoration ideas must be sustainable and durable in the long term. The first place where your guests will set foot, and indeed where you live in your living room. Tihar decorations are incomplete without a proper arrangement or makeover of your living room décor!

So, here are decorating tips we have included to help you prepare your living room for Tihar.

27 Tihar Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room

1. Creating a vignette for the coffee table:

Gather all your little accents in this Tihar, such as bowls, bells, statues, spoons, trinket boxes, etc., and place them on your coffee table to create an ethnic vignette. To complete the look and make it appear beautiful, you can arrange them on a brass plate and even add flowers or a tea light or Diya. If you decorate them beautifully, the vignette on the coffee table will be enough to grab the attention of the guest.

2. Using old saree for making various decorative items;

You can use the old traditional sarees that are too old for the fashion or you are no longer in the mood to flaunt them for making decorative pillows for the home this Tihar. Using two different, but aesthetically matching sarees can be used to make accent cushion covers for living rooms. To add a more festive touch to them, you can also add matching yarn tassels.

You can also make small decorative bags or potlis from the saris filled with dried fruits or nuts as a return gift in this Tihar to share your love and happiness with the guests.

3. The use of T-light bracelets:

Earth lamps are considered as the essence for Tihar. Many people have also started using decorative T-light candles as well. There is a full range of candles available in the market. You can further decorate these candles by decoratively stacking your old glass bangles with glue around them. To make an amazing Tihar lighting decoration, you can also paint them with glass paint to add the colours of your choice.

And if you want to stick with traditional clay lamps, you can traditionally paint them in bright colors along with bright copper, silver gold, colors or glittery paints to give a rich look.

4. Cover the little paper cups with LED lights

Another way to make your plastic-free Tihar more eco-friendly is the old paper cups at home and can be used very creatively to make a series of tiny lamps that brighten the wall. Give it solid colors or make small polka dots, lines, floral pictures on the glasses. Cut a small stripe at the base of each glass to keep light in when inserted. You can also decorate the paper cups by drilling small holes in them. This can be a Tihar decorating idea for your living room, or it can be used on your balcony or open space area.

5. Decorate with the marigold flowers

Using marigold flowers in abundance is one of the easiest Tihar decorating ideas. Like the marigold, no other flower enhances the significance of Tihar festivities. Marigold flowers are available in bulk in the market during the festive season or on the streets outside your home. Buy and use the threads and cords of these flowers as follows: 

– At the entrance, hanging them

– Hanging them between colorful curtains.

– Lining the marigold garland around the top of your dresser, console, or bar cabinet in the living room 

– Placing marigold flowers in big bowls

– Wrap them in the floor lamps, in the arms of your sofas and chairs or table lamp bases.

6. Light up your furniture

In this Tihar festival, you can replace plain furniture in your living room with different festive colors such as Yellow, red, green, orange, pink, and blue. You don’t need to buy anything new. You can take out those brightly colored cushion covers, runners, blankets, and sheets, from your current furniture, especially those in materials like raw silk and velvet. And if you don’t have any, you can find vibrant and affordable cushion covers on the market, or you can make them by yourself.

7. Hang the decorative items on the wall

The rugs are durable, and you can choose to wash them. For long term sustainability, you can opt for custom made rugs. As well, the smaller sizes are also available for decoration of the wall. In the best possible way, they enhance the modern interior. When framed for a wall piece display class, subtle rugs and normal rugs and such decor fit in with the festival themes. 

8. Arrange fresh flowers in containers of metal

The festive beauty of your home can be immediately amplified by something as simple as putting fresh flowers in old metal containers, such as brass teapots and vases, copper bowls, and brass plates. You can put them in your living room and various areas of your home. Therefore, you don’t even have to buy any decorative Tihar items!

9. Decorate with metal and masonry

Brass and copper products can make the whole house look so bright. Purchase a large pot of brass and fill it with water. Sprinkle some flowers with a few floating candles and put them in. Place the metal in the center of the living room for an elegant touch. You may already have copper figurines and memorabilia, such as shelves, on your displays. You can also get hold of those glass jars within your budget which are available. Decorate yourself with small decorative items. Now, inside the jar, keep a small tea light, colored lights, or candles. The whole area will shine!

10. Effective utilization of old bottles 

During this Tihar season, you can efficiently use old bottles. Using the old bottles, you can make lamps or even chandeliers. In the clear bottles, insert small colored lights and then put them on top in any way you like and turn them on, there will be your starry sky inside your home. If you don’t have colored lights, you can also paint the bottles with glass paint. 

11. Use of a beautiful broken twig 

From your yard, dead tree branches can add life to your living room. A broken twig can be picked up, painted jet black, and inserted into a pot filled with sand. Rotate (they can be white or yellow) the little LED lights around it and put them in a corner and light them up. This Tihar decorating concept for your living room can be used for all years even after using it in the festival. 

12. Purchase new rugs and carpets 

The use of custom-made area rugs for family gatherings, hallways, and outdoors is one of our favorite home decor concepts that is fast becoming a trend. Outdoor rugs are also all the rage for verandas, balconies, and patios. Now, especially among families who love to celebrate Tihar parties with open ceilings, outdoor rugs are all the rage. 

To complement any decor, choose natural shades of carpets and rugs. In the living room, replace the old carpet, add new rugs to the puja room, or throw the durry in front of the bed. Not only are these eye-catching, but they bring your home a fresh feel. Changing mats is another idea. Ditch the boring “welcome” signs and shop with quotes, designs and patterns for appealing placemats.

Soft, warm-textured, or hand-woven rugs that come in cotton, wool, or silk can be opted for. To cover the entire floor, you don’t need to buy one. Purchase any size based on the area you would like to cover. If you do not have the budget to purchase a silk rug, even a hand-knotted wool rug is a wonderful option. You can put them vertically or horizontally where you want more definition for the interiors and stand out from the rest. A cashmere silk rug can give a traditional formal look, while a modern rug provides a more contemporary look. 

  • Traditional Oversized Cotton Rug 

With those beautifully designed ethnic rugs and carpets, add a traditional touch to your home floors. They are very durable and have an attractive pattern to attract your compliments because they are made of high-quality materials made of cotton. The rug enhances the beauty of the interior of your home, but the bright colored and beautifully patterned rugs have to be selected. 

  • Extra-fine rug with polyester 

Rugs made from 100 percent polyester yarn are polyester rugs. The rug is available in soft material with rich color on trend. The traditional rug can be so bold or subtle that any home décor will be accentuated. Made of polyester, the traditional style rug is so thick and soft. It has a cotton backing that makes it non-slip and durable. Add your living room to the traditional rug and create a super luxurious look. With those beautifully designed rugs, add a beautiful touch to the floors in your home. You can choose your favorite and give your living room décor an elegant and impressive look.

13. Decorate with the fairy lights

Without lights, what is Tihar? However, the idea is to demonstrate creativity without trying too hard. As part of your Tihar light decoration, all you have to do is get strings of colored lights and find different ways to use them. Hang them between curtains, wrap them around your wall art and wall mirrors, or wrap them around floor lamps. Place them in clear glass vases and bottles. For a decorative touch, you can also bundle the ends of the colored lights into small bundles. 

14. Pay attention to fabrics. 

Simply rearranging the furniture or placing lamps and candles all over the place will not be sufficient to make your guests adore the new look you have chosen and implemented for your living room. There is also a ton of fabric in your living room to be replaced or added!

Change your sofa fabric and the cushions and pillows you find in the living room. Pick colors that are both personal and with the overall theme of Tihar. Since it is Tihar, under the soft light of the diyas, you can be a bit adventurous and pick pillowcases that are a bit brighter or flashier, they can look quite attractive. To create a unique Tihar floor seating arrangement on a rug, another great idea would be to use large cushions and pillows. You can also try placing a rug or wall rug if you want a bit of a fashionable vibe for your living room. Again, keep in mind that the Tihar theme should also be consistent with this personal choice. In particular, you should choose a carpet that has a more ethnic flavor since carpet selection is not geometric or monotonous.


– Accent pillows are great accents but don’t use them so much that before you sit down, you have to move all of them off the couch. 

– Choose a few that improve the furniture and the room’s overall look. And don’t be afraid to invest in some pillows of high quality. They have a big impact, but they are small. 

– Do not be get scared to decorate with pattern by yourself. The patterns can add space to life and character. The basic rule of thumb for decorating with patterns is that it is fine if you use more than one pattern but in a room, don’t use more than three patterns. 

– Use a large, a medium, and a small (or some other combination of the three) to mix up the scale. 

15. Use of lamps or Diya 

Diyas and candles are too small and do not provide suitable light for the living room without further addition of artificial lighting. It is not possible to overcome the functional challenge alone, but there are artistic and innovative ways to make lighting fun. Aside from this, the appearance of your living room on Tihar can be changed by experimenting with lighting itself. To illuminate your living room, use floor lamps, glass bottle lights, wall suspension lamps, etc. Turn the light in the tube off. The softness of these lights will add a super festive, warm and inviting look to your whole living room when it is done in the right way. For Tihar, soft Yellow or off-white lighting is always recommended. 

16. Wall Art 

You can transform your plain wall into a work of art with some exhilarating wall stickers that are available in eye-catching designs and themes. Before choosing a wall sticker, consider the colour of your curtains and other upholstery to make sure that everything is in sync. So don’t worry until you repaint your walls about getting stuck on something as the wall stickers are removable. Here are 2 choices that you can consider.

  • Abstract stickers for walls with mirror shapes 

While they are made of vinyl, the wall decals appear to be made of glass. Use them to decorate your sidewalls, particularly where the lights cause some reflection. They are sure a magical effect will be created. 

  • The peacock art

In this Tihar, add a royal touch in the living room with the amazing golden peacock durbar wall decor. Place it right above your main seating area, and it will feel like you’re sitting on a throne with own style. You can surely change the look of your living room complete with this sticker. It should match most of your fabric, and especially the peacock cushion cover can be available in a different colour. 

17. Cover door with curtains

Taking into account that October / November is usually a very hot month. As you will be required to keep the air-conditioned living room so that guests feel at comfort. And it becomes imperative that you draw the curtains for that. Here are the top choices you can choose from for curtains:


  • Door polyester curtain

Make your home look lovely by bringing home these contemporary and modern style curtains that are uniquely defined. You must select a high quality curtain made of 100% polyester. These polyesters have a natural resistance to wrinkling and shrinkage, making them easy to maintain. It gives you a sassy look that is highly desired. 

  • Bright multi-color yarn door curtain for the room 

It can be used as a door curtain, window curtain or as a background for a shop window, and is a modern way to decorate your home with these wonderful string curtains. A string door curtain that adds style to your living room window or entrance. With one of these useful accent pieces, give your living room a classical touch. As they are durable and attractive, you are sure to get compliments for this. For your family, create a comfortable environment. 

  • Curtains Ruffle 

These would complement the marketable red cushion covers. The traditional curtains are in keeping with Tihar’s essence. Put them in place to give your living room décor a stunning look. 

  • Acrylic Hanging Curtain Glass 

This 20 string curtain serves as a wonderful and elegant divider with an arched pattern. Add a lot of glamour, particularly at night, to your living room decor. 

18. Planters for a distinctive and fresh decor 

It is difficult enough to find a home that has enough room to hone your gardening skills. So lovers of nature are investing in planters. You can create a marvellous ecosystem in glass jars. Keeping the plants alive in these glass jars takes time and effort. The pots are available in different sizes and shapes, and you can go for hanging pots as well. With diyas, the strategic location of these pots can enhance freshness. 

To create a magical setting, the glass jars glow with yellow light. Green plants signify success and opulence so, you can be placed inside the jars. The flower pots are, therefore, ideal for Tihar decoration. Two medium-sized planters can be placed on either side of the front door. On each alternate step, decorate the staircase with a flower pot and a Diya. 

19. Go ahead with the rustic copper jug theme. 

Hindus believe precious metals, such as copper, should be purchased for the Tihar puja. The gods are appeased, and their blessings are poured out on mortals. Expensive metals that may be out of your budget are gold, silver, and platinum. Purchase copper products if you don’t have the budget for these precious metals. During worship, copper diyas are obligatory. On Tihar gift and decorating websites, you can also get handmade copper jugs online. Copper jugs come in various designs and dimensions. To renovate your living room, you can place some tiny jugs made of copper on the center of the table. Also available at reasonable prices are decorative copper jugs with beautiful patterns, add some fresh flowers, and you are good to go for decoration. Inside a medium-sized pitcher, you can place a lit candle. Then place the middle of the rangoli in the bowl. 

Buy a few small jugs of copper with holes. Inside each one, place the candles and tie the ribbons to the handle. Transform these jugs into unique lanterns. Candlelight shines and creates the effects of bizarre light and shadow through the holes.

20. Use of multicoloured crown shades in a living room

In Tihar celebrations, lights and colors play an crucial role. A normal candle cannot produce magnificent tones. To make the occasion and decor stand out, invest in diverse or multicoloured crown shades. Stained glass curtains and handmade curtains can be ordered from online portals for Tihar decorations. The largest crown curtains can be placed in the garden or balcony. In the festive season, the demand for stained glass shades is high. You can use those tones as masterpieces after Tihar.

21. Light up with decorative pendant lamps on the ceiling 

You can decorate the floor of your living room with impressive and colorful rangoli, traditional diyas, and candles. You must pay attention to the decoration of the ceiling and walls. Then invest in pendant lamps if you want to add exclusivity to the interior of your home in this Tihar. On the balcony, you can hang paper lanterns. To make them more appealing, wrap these lanterns with colored lights. You can buy unique pendant diyas with metal chains in addition to this. These not only add wealth to your home décor but also absorb soft lighting. 

22. Use of a ball of light 

You have to cut a carton or even use a round or square sheet of wood. With LED string lights, stick it and improve the rest of the space. Here you can play with forms such as round, square, heart-shaped, or even multicoloured lights. It will look stunning and enhance your room’s style. After Tihar, you can also use it.

  • Use of home decor such as fancy ball rope lights- 

In your living room, the bright, warm white LED lights can bring unexpected beauty. At night, the 360-degree lighting makes it look wonderful. It is so perfect for indoor and outdoor. It can be found on different online sites or the market. 

  • Waterproof ball for decorating indoors and outdoors: 

The IP44-designed waterproof ball is a good decorative item for easy indoor and outdoor use. A beautiful and attractive lighting design for all your events. You must keep the plug and controller dry. 

  • Ball Lights for decoration: 

This decorative fairy light can easily be hung on the window or anywhere else, and it will be an amazing display. These wonderful fairy lights illuminate your home at night, adding a warm and charming atmosphere.

  • Crystal Bubble Ball String Lights Garland Fairy Light

Now, by decorating with these lights, add a lovely Tihar essence as well Christmas, birthday party and other festivals or various celebrations to your home. As they are made from premium materials, these electric lights are safe to use. It has a distinctive design that will change the décor and make it look charming. They are suitable for the festive season, allowing you to beautify the environment in no time. At once, Illuminate can draw the attention of viewers. You can even present these 

lights to Tihar to wonderful loved ones. 

23. Refreshing of the wall;

The idea behind the decoration of Tihar is to renovate your home, making it luxurious and grand. So, you don’t have to paint your house. You can creatively use different colours to give a festive atmosphere to your home.

  • Create an Accent Wall: 

You can create accent walls in living rooms as well as in other rooms, instead of painting a whole new color for your entire house. By painting a wall in surprisingly vibrant color, you can give your room a cheerful touch. Different colors like Deep blue, green, deep red, orange, deep blue and brown will give a lush look in contrast to neutral tones. 

  • Play around with the holiday color palette

This is the moment when you can think outside the box and think of something that means festive zest, but at the same time for the rest of the year does not turn into an eyesore. A holiday color palette is also published by major emulsion brands to help you choose the right one for your evening. Choose deep colors for your décor that bring bold vibrancy. You can add the colors such as sapphire, tango pink, champagne, iris, laurel green if you go for a monochrome theme. 

  • Stencils and Decals: 

Get creative and use stencils to create magnificent looks on your walls if a simply painted wall isn’t your thing. Diyas, plants, goddess, and a rangoli-like design include festive templates. Wall decals for your smooth walls are also a popular decoration. These are available on the market and can be easily applied to your walls as well. 

  • Wallpapers and Textured Walls: 

This festive season, textured walls are also a great way to show off your creativity. However, to create something extraordinary, you may need professional help. Some of the most popular wall textures are the creased impact, the pleated effect, and the brushed overlay. You can create a magnificent wallpaper to give your home a temporary festive feeling if your home is brand new and you don’t feel like wasting your money repainting it.

24. Adding the Accessories 

Remember to add accessories. A novelty to space will be added by changing or modifying the furniture. Accessories will complete the Tihar look as well. With elegant curtains, cushions, bedspreads and rugs, glorify your space. You have to choose ethnic materials and shades that will complement your living room’s interior. It is also possible to consider antique vases and display pieces, scented candles, and other glass items when decorating. Don’t overdo it, but let your personality be reflected in your interior. 

25. Pick an eye-catching wallpaper. 

One of those trends that keeps giving and giving is wallpaper. Suppose you pick a classic wallpaper, as your style changes throughout the year. Contrasting jewel tones can be included, and with antique pieces, you can mix furniture styles. Oh, and believe it or not, it’s also possible to add a chair. It shows that even the best designers love a lot of things.

26. Try the mirror wall.

A decorating option that looks great in any living room is wall mirrors. Whether you want a simple mirror with thin edges or a decorative mirror that is the cornerstone of your room. Wall mirrors are available in many styles and colours to match your style. If you have a small living room, by bouncing lights around the living room, wall mirrors will make your room look more spacious. 

27. Use shelves as space for display 

At this Tihar festival, bookshelves are the perfect option for you if you want to fill your living room walls and increase storage space. You can use the shelves to display family photos or books or favourite decorative items. To perfectly match your living room theme or used as decorative accents, display items can be colour-coordinated. Try freestanding shelves if you want to add more storage space, or stick with wall shelves if you want a smaller display space.

Things to avoid while decorating the living room

  1. Choosing a too-small rug 

The primary key to a living room rug is that the entire setup area around it can be grounded. So, make sure to get a rug big enough for your living room and think about one that is ethno-inspired or one with stylish stripes this season as well. 

  • Choosing only the same style for your decorative furniture and elements 

For your home style, sometimes a little touch of extensive skill is perfect. Throughout the living room, having the same style can seem too simple and boring. So, style and mix it up with another style you like. Mix modern pieces with vintage elements, mix industrial elements with Scandinavian style or mix a retro style with a magnificent style of Parisian chic. Also, your decorative elements can stand out by being truly distinct only when at least two styles are mixed.

  • Try doing everything perfectly without any knowledge, particularly in terms of alignment. 

In a house which is too symmetrical, if only one element is different, they can easily look messy. So instead of choosing the same height for everything, mix and match different heights and proportions. In this way, everything will look more balanced and dreamy. 

  • Skipping Smaller items 

You don’t want to make your living room feel like a demo of a store. You need to reserve a budget for textiles, accessories, and lighting in addition to the larger items. In a room, things such as a floor lamp and table add character. 

  • Thinking too much about the sofa 

Don’t get too obsessed with ornate details, such as tufts and nail heads while it is important to have a good safe. A simple sofa will give you more style options.

  • Get more than you truly need 

The essentials such as a beautiful, neutral sofa or a fabulous dining table, your focus should add a stylish coffee table. Also, think of multifunctional tables and chairs or real floating shelves this season, which will save you a lot of space. It can help you have a splendid living room. 

  • Always personalize the layout. 

The living room can be set up in such a way that it looks like it was designed in the same way as the showroom of the appliance store. Your guests don’t want that, I’m sure, and neither do you. You can get puzzled by an impersonal room with soft colors and no picture frames. 

In the most personalized accents and accessories, you can throw plants, vases, lamps, cushions, anything that reflects your personality. You can also put a light in a corner where every memorable family moment, first camping trip, wedding pictures, graduation photos, funny, candid pictures, or the first heartbreak captured can be displayed.


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