All The Hidden Facts About Kukur Tihar (Dog Festival of Nepal) Is Revealed Here In This Article

Kukur Tihar (Dog Festival of Nepal)

The annual Tihar is celebrated in Nepal at the same time as Diwali festival in India. Tihar is called Diwali in India. There are some similarities and difference between the festive days of Tihar and Diwali celebration activities.

On the second day of Tihar festival is dedicated to the dog. So the second day is called Kukur Tihar in Nepal. Kukur means dog and Tihar means celebration.

On this day family members come together and celebrate with a variety of festivities with the dog. This is one of the most popular festivals during Tihar festival where the festival is celebrated. It is a unique festival with traditional rituals and tradition.

A festival of lights, Tihar celebrates the victory of light over dark with the lighting of diyas and candles. The festival, which began on Kag Tihar, marks the first day of Tihar festival where Nepalese do worship and honour the crows. The second day of the Tihar festival, people honour and worship the dogs as Devdut. The festival, which is celebrated in September.

The Tihar festival in Nepal includes a lot of activities. It is marked by a procession, where the guests come in different groups to greet each other, perform rituals and welcome the spirits of those that have passed away. On the eve of the festival, there are a special parade and a procession through the streets where many animals are dressed up in beautiful costumes.

The Tihar festival in Nepal is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigour, and the locals also offer great hospitality and welcome to tourists.

The festival has been celebrated for hundreds of years, so it is not surprising that many of the traditions and customs have been passed down from generation to generation. The best time to visit the festival would be on the night between August and September, as the weather is mild and the heat is bearable.

The atmosphere during Tihar on the night is very festive. People come out in the streets and home, sing local folk Deusi Bhailo songs and dance to celebrate with a lot of vigour. The people are very much in love with the festival and have a lot of fun. There is a lot of merrymaking, food and music that permeating the atmosphere.

The Tihar dog festival is not complete without worshipping dog. The worshipping dog has a unique object with a unique meaning, and it symbolizes a lot of things like loyalty, courage, love and dedication.

This symbol is the symbol of love, respect and loyalty and is often seen as a talisman on necklaces and bracelets.


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