100 Happy Tihar Wishes And Messages For Your Best Friends in English

Happy Tihar wishes for friends:- Tihar festival is the second most celebrated festival in Nepal. It comes right 20 days after Dashain. It is celebrated for 5 days starting from Kaag Purnima, Kukur puja, Laxmi puja, Govardhan puja, and Bhai tika. It is one of the most important festivals in the Hindu community. Tihar festival plays a significant role in our human lives. It is known as the festival of lights.

The festival of Diwali is so grand that it is considered to be one of the most popular festivals in Hindu communities. There are several historical sites and monuments where the festival of Diwali has been celebrated for many centuries.

There are fireworks, mandalas, and colors everywhere. People enjoy themselves by lighting up the fireworks and making feasts and decorating the homes and see their families every once in a while. Well, here are a few of the wishes that you can tell your friends and families :

Happy Tihar Wishes For Your Best Friends

May this Tihar bring you and your families even closer with good fortune. Shubh Deepawali

Hope goddess Laxmi enters your house and blesses you with huge accomplishments. Shubh Deepawali

It is never too late for anything; just do it. Shubh Deepawali

Hope there is an immense amount of joy and happiness in your life during times like these. Shubh Deepawali

May this festival be more valuable with every passing moment, Shubh Deepawali.

May you be blessed with money, success and health in upcoming days. Shubh Deepawali

Let there be sunshine behind that rain and let there be good times on that pain, happy Tihar.

Hope you are having a good time experiencing life, happy Tihar to you and your family.

Happy Tihar wishes for friends

May this Tihar lighten up your life just the way you light up the fireworks, happy Tihar.

May our lives are colorful as the Mandalas during this Tihar time, Shubh Deepawali.

Hope this Tihar will be as sweet as your food and sweets, happy Tihar

May you get blessings for your beautiful life ahead, happy Tihar

We wish you a happy Tihar and a year filled with happiness and joy, happy Tihar.

May the lights in Tihar give you more strength and bless you with success, happy Tihar.

May the goddess Laxmi shower you with divine blessings on your home, Shubh Deepawali.

Happy Tihar wishes for friends

Hope this year’s Tihar brings you even closer with your relatives and family with understanding and love, Shubh Deepawali

Let the Tihar lights shine not only in your home but in your real life too, happy Tihar.

Let’s play Deusi-Bhailo to spread more peace and joy on Tihar by coming together as one, happy Tihar.

May happiness and contentment fill your life in this auspicious occasion, happy Tihar.

May you get all the success and happiness throughout the year, Shubh Deepawali

Wishing you immense joy and happiness all your life, happy Tihar

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Hope the lights of Tihar help you find your way through the darkness, Happy Tihar

Celebrate Tihar with your loved ones by making it special, happy Tihar.

May your life shimmer like platinum in this Tihar, happy Tihar

Happy Tihar wishes for friends

Hope we all worship to god for being thankful for whatever they have showered us with and that is families and friends with love and happiness, Shubh Deepawali

May the fireworks are bright enough to brighten up your future with good wealth, happy Tihar.

Let’s keep this tradition living by making it auspicious with family and friends, happy Tihar.

Long live the Hindus so that they can keep on celebrating this festival with all their hearts and joy, happy Tihar.

Hope you find paradise in this gloomy world by lighting up the lights and fireworks, Shubh Deepawali

May you keep celebrating this festival with a huge smile on your face so that the lord will give you back the same happiness you shared by smiling, happy Tihar

Hope you find a way to help people and be kind during this time of the year, happy Tihar, and remember to be kind

No wonder where the sail goes, always remember to manage the boat from sinking. Shubh Deepawali

Always be kind to one another, no matter what. Hope we all teach ourselves and one another to be kind, happy Tihar.

Let us normalize being alone for some time to which we will be celebrating this time with the family, happy Tihar.

It is always heaven with the family around. Hope you make it more heavenly by decorating in Tihar with them, happy Tihar.

May the colors brighten up just the way you make mandalas with the colors, Shubh Deepawali.

Happy Tihar wishes for friends

It is always a good time with your loved ones, don’t forget to be nice. Shubh Deepawali

Happiness is something that does not decrease by sharing for which it only gets bigger, so I am here wishing you a happy Tihar to you and your beloved family.

May Tihar brighten up your home with happiness and prosperity, happy Tihar

Let joy and happiness be flying in the air because it is Tihar everywhere. That’s why let us wish everyone a happy Tihar

May you light a lamp full of love and happiness with a touch of kindness and shimmer the lights all over your house by wishing you a happy Tihar

May the divine light of Tihar shine with peace, prosperity, happiness, and good health in your life, happy Tihar

Wishing you a Jhilimili Tihar with your families and friends, happy Tihar

It is the time for the reunion with your friends and family to share happiness and love among them, happy Tihar to all of you

Hope you get peace within by celebrating Tihar, happy Tihar, my friend.

Happy Tihar wishes for friends

Let every joy ask light from you so that you can fill your life and everyone else’s with light and prosperity, Shubh Deepawali

There are no sweet thoughts or cute graphics to send; I am just sending you the caring heart which says happy Tihar

May goddess Laxmi be on her way to your home with good fortune my friend, keep the doors open so that you can wish happy Tihar to her as well

Hope we get all the payment for our hard work that we have been working for with all our might, happy Tihar

Happiness is a direction, not a place, and I hope you find the direction and lead everyone that way, happy Tihar

the best way to cheer yourself is by cheering others up, happy Tihar

it is okay to rest, just don’t quit lol. Shubh Deepawali

make sure you make a whole lot of memories while celebrating because it might not last forever, Shubh Deepawali

I hope you find your way to the crowd while everyone is pushing you against it, Shubh Deepawali

There are days when you feel low, it is okay to take a break, but just don’t give up. Shubh Deepawali, my strong friend

Hope you get the strength to bear all the responsibilities that have been put onto you for a lot of things, Have a great Deepavali

May the odds ever be in your favor during this festive. Shubh Deepawali

Keep up the good spirit, and you will be brought to life in no time, Have a great Deepavali my friend

We have grown old together, and it is nice to share some memories and good to see us grow in an elderly way, Have a great Deepavali

May we always cherish our time together and be happy about it, happy Tihar

Happy Tihar wishes for friends

Try getting a new life just by restarting it all over again, happy Tihar

Some of you won’t understand how much energy it takes to build up your goal so if you have don’t let others crash it down, happy Tihar

Try motivating yourself and be your god damn upgrade by being there for yourself, happy Tihar

Hope there is a waterfall of great joy falling from the hands of Laxmi in your home, happy Tihar

May the home and your life be filled with immense love and happiness enough for you to live the life, Have a great Deepavali

Never think that you have failed, things will work out and on time, Have a great Deepavali

Just look at the sunshine shining on your balcony, be sure you become of the sunshine in someone else’s life too, happy Tihar

No medicine cures what happiness cannot so be sure to be happy, happy Tihar

Let there be a puppy full of happiness ready to lead your way through the darkness, Have a great Deepavali

Sanity and happiness are impossible combinations so make sure only to choose happiness over everything, Have a great Deepavali

Protect yourself and others with happiness and make sure to face happiness with open arms, Have a great Deepavali

It is so hard to forget the pain but make sure you don’t forget the smiles it gave you after finishing the line, happy Tihar

Focus on living fully in the present by just being true to yourself, happy Tihar.

Happy Tihar wishes for friends

Hope you see things more clearly during these festive times and be able to enjoy the moments with everyone, happy Tihar

May you think of all the good memories you have with yourself, and others left to be yet discovered, Have a great Deepavali

Make sure you release happiness like a sword and kill people with smiles and joy, happy Tihar

Make sure you don’t mess things up during the times like these, Have a great Deepavali my friend

One day everything will make sense, till then keep moving and don’t give up. Shubh Deepawali

The greatness of a culture can be found in festivals and hope you find greatness by celebrating Tihar, happy Tihar

A true and caringness does not have to speak loudly; just a text will do the work, Have a great Deepavali

Hope you celebrate life, not just festivals, happy Tihar my friend

May this Tihar be the start of everything you ought to deserve, happy Tihar.

Happy Tihar wishes for friends

Live every day as if it is a festival and turn your life into a celebration, Have a great Deepavali

May you have the celebration that is more special to you and have the time to spend this Tihar with your friends and family, Have a great Deepavali

The true essentials of a feast are only fun and feed. Shubh Deepawali from my family to yours

The Diyas in Tihar is the god’s way of telling you that there is always a way to get through the darkness, Happy Tihar

Hope Tihar lights fill up your heart with warmth and happiness everywhere, happy Tihar

May we celebrate a pollution-free Diwali by wishing everyone a happy Diwali-Tihar

May this festive season be a festival of rejoicing but not reflection, Have a great Deepavali

Hoping that peace walks in your home as Laxmi walks in through the door, Have a great Deepavali

May the season fill everyone with a huge smile and contentment, happy Tihar

May this Tihar brings us even closer to those whom we cherish so much, happy Tihar

This Tihar will surely wipe away all the sadness as we all celebrate the festival of lights and joy together, happy Tihar

Have a joyful, prosperous, and healthy Tihar with your loved ones, Have a great Deepavali, my love.

Happy Tihar wishes for friends

Just sent you a message to tell you to have a magnificent Tihar and happy life, happy Tihar

Hope you travel safely during Tihar and have a prosperous Tihar with your family and friends, happy Tihar

May you have a well-presented Tihar with yourself and the family, Have a great Deepavali

We may be apart, but you are always in my heart, happy Tihar my friend

Hope all your wishes are heard by goddess Laxmi and may they come true, Have a great Deepavali

Just stay true to yourself, and the right path will lead you to its destination. Treat everyone with kindness, happy Tihar everyone!!


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