Know More About Dog Show in Kathmandu On The Day Of Kukur Tihar

The Nepal Dog Festival is an annual celebration that has been celebrated in Nepal for several years. This festival is mainly organized for the honour of the dogs.

The Nepalese people worship the dogs on this day.

The dog show starts on the morning of the second day of Tihar for some hours by Nepal police. This festival is organized by the Government of Nepal, with the help of the Nepal Police.

This is a grand occasion, where people from far and near come to witness this amazing display of animal agility. The best part of the festival is the dog show, which is organized in the presence of the VIP officials of Nepal’s government and other dignitaries.

The dog show is one of the highlights of the year, which has been organized. There are many other festivals held in Kathmandu and other cities during the Tihar festival which provide tourists with many opportunities to visit the gorgeous land of the state.

There are several attractions found in the Kathmandu, which are perfect for a family holiday. The tourist attraction hubs are mostly very popular, and some many places and activities can be enjoyed in these places.

There are many resorts located around the state, which are very popular among tourists. Tourists can avail the services of Kathmandu tour packages or Tihar tour packages for the tourists that cover these tourism activities.

Kathmandu is also known as God’s Own Country because of the sheer popularity and love that it receives from its tourists. This popularity has led to an influx of tourists from other parts of the world.

Kathmandu is a perfect destination for all kinds of tourists and has many exciting attractions that make it the top choice of all types of tourists.

Dog Show in Kathmandu


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