23 Ideas To Decorate Your Home Beautifully For Tihar (Deepawali) Festival

Deepawali Tihar decoration ideas: – Tihar is the moment to spruce up and decorate your home as well as possible to make it look gorgeous and festive. Everyone is in a festive atmosphere and people are busy shopping for Tihar and Tihar decorations. We must celebrate the festival in a traditional way by which it can keep our tradition alive. And decorating your dream home at the Tihar festival is the most important part.

There’s a great job to do with home accents; making a home feel like home. You may have interesting furniture, but it’s the little details that give the personality of a home. These decorative touches are a reflection of you, so choose wisely whether you like candles and coffee table books, or ottomans and home fragrances. You can easily move and replace those little pieces of decor.  At Tihar, a rustic look at home can provide a fabulous view when you add various decorative items from the market.

23 Deepawali Tihar Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Here are some ideas to decorate your home beautifully

Clean your house well before decorating. Dust, sweep, do laundry, clean all rooms. To welcome Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and fortune, you must clean the home and make it better. Tihar also marks the beginning of the new year. So, if you feel like a new beginning then, it is better to get rid of the old mess and negativity. When Tihar is coming near, then people become busy in redecorating the home and paint their walls. To add extra style without painting the entire house, you can sponge your room or just a wall.

Typically, guests and family members sit in the living room during celebrations. So to decorate your room, you can take a little extra care. If your living room is large or elegant then you don’t have to be a worry. It is the trick to Have a clean, aromatic, and well-lit room.

1. Diyas and candles:

Nothing in Tihar decor can beat the combination of Diya and candle! Buy some simple and decorative candles and diyas, light them, and decorate the edge of your house with them. You can put them alternately along the facades, entrances and pavements, walls, and entrance. With colors and glitter, you can also brighten simple diyas and candles. Bring out the creative side of you.

In Hinduism, Diyas are very important; they symbolize knowledge, illumination, and submission to a higher power. You can create beautiful designs with colors, flowers, stones, or even try using recycled materials in simple diyas if you are interested in making unique diyas with special design or style.

You can also create your diyas with materials from the house and its surroundings in addition to purchasing diyas made from mud. To create organic diyas, for instance, use wheat flour (atta)! Add a cup of wheat flour with a little water, knead the mixture until the dough is ready and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, create wicks of cotton. Use it to mold diyas in various ways and decorate them with paint once the dough has rested and appears strong enough to hold its shape, (non-toxic paints are best for keeping the green factor intact!).

Fill these diyas with wax that has been melted and place the wicks on them. And you’ve got it there, your homemade diyas! Alternatively, as long as they are sturdy, you can try using fruit or seashells to create easy homemade diyas. So, to make your own distinctive and original diyas, place a candle inside by cutting the inside of a fruit or simply place a candle on a large shell with a flat bottom.

Use fruit with a peel that is simple to maintain and handle, such as an orange or an apple, for the best results. If you want your diya to look fresh and last a while then, just make sure that you make the diyas the same day that you plan to put them on decoration.

Draw designs with henna on simple white candles. Also, use henna paste and henna tattoo cone to produce beautiful and auspicious designs on your candles. Keep in mind to dry the henna models for at least 1 hour or overnight for the best results. You can design anything you want like stars, rainbow, flowers, leaves, and spirals more traditionally.

Diya oil lamps, used throughout the country, are a very common ornament during Tihar. From more traditional materials, Premade diyas are made. Materials such as clay or brass can also be used. These can be purchased in South Asia at most supermarkets. At home, try making oil lamps. You can make them colorful and use your choice of scented oil.

2. Floral decorations

Flowers can calm the mind. For the festivities, floral decoration is sure to add sparkle. Two essential elements of Tihar are lights and flowers. Flowers can be used in a variety of ways for decoration in Tihar. Flowers can be used in tapestries, long curtain chains, in earthen or brass bowls. If you cannot find flowers in the market near you then you can also use or make paper flowers.

Flowers can also be used, such as mirrors or curtain edges, for decorating furniture. For added fun and style, you can add ribbons to the garlands of the flower. Also, you can make your torans with mango leaves or marigold flowers.

  • By hanging flower garlands, add color to your home. Combine a colorful flower, papercraft, or any other lightweight, vibrant decoration. Then, to add a final touch of color to your home put these garlands on the ceilings and in your home products.
  • As long as they are colorful, any kind of flower will work for your garlands! Get creative and make decorations with paper rings and create shapes and patterns on the walls. These are inexpensive for your decor and easy to customize.
  • There are some species of flowers that certain Hindu gods are believed to prefer. For instance, Kali prefers red hibiscus, Lord Ganesha enjoys wonder, Lakshmi’s favorite flower is the lotus, and jasmine is the favorite flower of Lord Hanuman.
  • The lotus is a symbol of spiritual liberation and understanding. In her hand, the Goddess Lakshmi carries it. By making beautiful paper lotus flowers and placing them close to the light display, make your home more welcoming to the Goddess Lakshmi so that she can see them.
  1. Make a simple curtain for the flower garland:

Nothing too heavy, a delicate and pretty flower curtain is only made of individual flowers joined at a distance. Your favorite flowers can be used in colors that match your decor. Naturally, the holiday favorites will be Reds, Oranges, Yellows, and Pinks.

  1. To make a focal point, use flower garlands:

You can decorate an empty wall or corner with brass items and lamps. With a few flower chains, you can make the center of your pooja room even look beautiful. Behind your pooja idol, you could hang these garlands behind the idols of gods and goddesses.

  1. Make a wall-hanging with garlands of flowers:

Fill the empty walls with a few garlands on a stick, steel rod, branch, or even pair of hangers to making the decoration even simpler. To make the pendant sparkling and festive, you can use bright red and orange flowers with maybe some gold paper flowers or gold balls hanging in the center.

  1. Add ribbons in the flowers:

You can add bright red, blue, and pink ribbons for making the flower garlands look brighter and beautiful. You can put them on my windows or you can put them behind my sofa.

  1. Hang Balloon flower garland:

Just tie your garlands of flowers to your balloons’ strings and let them float to the ceiling. Simple, aren’t they? To suspend garlands from the ceiling at different levels, you must make garlands of various length, instead of white balloons, she will use colors such as red and gold for Tihar.

  1. On your curtain ties, use flowers:

So simple and so pretty again. To one side, pull the curtains and place flowers on the ties. You can choose the flower according to the color of your curtain.

  1. Put counterfeit flower garlands:

There are plenty of paper and fabric flower garland options available online, if you’re not overly excited about real flowers and string them. You can just order a few chain marigolds.

  1. Making holders for flower candles:

Step-by-step instructions for making the gorgeous flower chandelier can be found on the internet. To make a nice corner in your room, you can hang some of these at various heights. Depending on the type and color of flowers you use, your chandelier will look completely different.

  1. Hang flowers from chandeliers:

At home, do you have a chandelier? For an entirely new Tihar look, you can make your garlands or twine your flowers and hang them in your house from your chandelier.

3. Fairy lights

This is the first thing on our list because it’s obvious indeed! Fairy lights are fairly inexpensive, but the variety of colors they display makes them a flexible piece of decoration. A few strings in different rooms and your house for the festival will look well decorated! You may also use them for other decorative purposes, in addition to simply hanging them on the wall.

Things can be done to display your favorite memories or animate an old Tihar mirror by fixing photos on the strings, but these decorations can also be extended for much longer. Try to find battery-powered lights so that you’re not looking for plugs at the last minute.

  1. Place string lights around windows and doors:

Usually, we all hang our thong lights out of our windows. It’s awesome outdoors. So place them in the rooms around your doors and windows. Fascinating is the sparkling, soft sheen.

  1. Place string lamps around the furniture:

This works particularly well with mirrors due to the reflection of sparkles. To make the beautiful flickering screen, you can find your DIY. Otherwise, through an existing display you have, interweave your colored lights. It looks fantastic!

  1. On your curtains, put string lights:

This looks particularly good with sheer fabric. You will feel so mesmerized by watching the transformation of your room into a fairyland and hang strings of light behind your sheer curtains. Pull sideways with your strong curtains and hook loosely. Then, like a dupatta or a sari, take whatever type of sheer fabric you have. You can combine, or be a striking contrast to, your curtains. Also, behind your hooked and solid curtains hang the sheer fabric from the curtain rod above. Behind the dupatta, hang strings of light. On your window, your sofa, or any painting/wall that you want to highlight, you can do it.

  1. Use your curtains to cover the rope lights:

Do you have an empty room that you have no idea what to do with? To give the home a festive look, just hang string lights as a curtain.

  1. Make a lamp for rope lighting:

This really easy DIY is what you can find to make a chandelier. Hang this on top of your dining table, in your hallway, or a decorative corner.

  1. Make a table lamp with a lamp string:

It is very easy and you can make many of these in various shapes/sizes/colors of glass vases and place them in your home. The flowers are the next thing once you are done with the lights and your home is bright and sparkling. Not only are the flowers pretty, festive, and fragrant, but they are also considered auspicious and without them, you cannot celebrate a joyous festival.

Create displays of cool light with lace lampshades and candles. For the decoration, you can make your lampshades or use traditional string lights that suit your style. You can draw stars, floral patterns, and other designs on the sides of a small cardboard box and cut them out. To create festive displays of light, then place the box on a light bulb. Also, around the mason jar, you can wrap the lace and place a candle inside the jar to produce a similar effect.

  • Experiment to see which one creates the best atmosphere you are trying to create in your home with different colors and lace designs. For Tihar, it works best with colorful lace!
  • Use it instead of a simple box to make your display more festive if you have access to a colorful cardboard box.
  • There are many pre-cut cutout lampshades available online or at home decor stores if you prefer not to make your lampshade.

4. Decorations from paper

You cannot underestimate the creative designs that can be made with craft paper or even old newspapers and magazines. There is a wide variety of options for papercraft such as origami, quilling, paper mache, and more. The paper decoration is also fun to make and are also cost-effective. Also, you can involve kids to interest them and turn it into an interesting game. To get inspired and get your creative juices flowing, there are many video tutorials available on the internet!

Paper Hanging Diya

  • Cut the circular pieces of colored paper into fixed sizes and fold them twice, once in diameter, then in half again. Now, to make a Diya, glue two of those folded papers. On top, you can also add a flame and finish the illuminated lamp. Glue the Diyas and they are ready to place on a string.
  • By basically folding square pieces of paper, accordion folding lamps can be produced so quickly. Glue the opposite ends and add the flame to the folded paper.
  • For decorating tables, floors, and doors, paper coneflowers can be great. And they are super straightforward to make. By folding square pieces of paper around themselves to make paper cones.
  • Glue the ends of the sharp objects with a floral design onto a circular cardboard sheet. The paper coneflower is ready for home improvement.

5. Use of torans

The Torans, during Tihar, are famous decorative items. They are placed by the doors at the entrance. It is said that they will draw Goddess Lakshmi into our homes. There are a variety of torans, such as those made by hand and embroidered, in various colors and designs, available on the market. According to your decor, you can select one. They give off festive vibes as well.

  • In the front door of your home, Hang a colorful Toran which will enhance the beauty of the home. Purchase and hang toran pre-made, or do it with greeting cards, craft paper, glitter, and beads. To give the traditional look, just add marigolds or mango leaves to the toran. On the front door of your home, you can hang for an auspicious and colorful decoration.
  • The majority of Toran have leaves or flowers. You can fold paper flowers or fold a sheet of decorative sheets of paper if you do not have a fresh flower. You can also simply cut pieces of cardboard or craft paper into flowers and hang them on a Toran.
  • The Toran also has a religious purpose beyond simple decoration: they are used in her home to attract and receive Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.
  • To lighten up your prayer room, put on Tanjore paintings. During Tihar, many individuals take time to add decorations in their homes to the prayer room and make it exceptionally clean. Hang brightly colored Tanjore paintings to enhance the aesthetics of your prayer room, and light them in dim lighting.
  • To enhance a more decorative look, hang paintings containing glass or gold beads or precious gemstones. Tanjore’s paintings are normally used for the devotional icons. In this Tihar festival, the hanging images should ideally be compositions of the Hindu goddess, gods, or saints.

6. Flashlights

The aspect of festivities in the air is added by lanterns and kandils. A very warm and cozy feeling is given by the simple fact of seeing them hanging from balconies, windows, and verandas in Tihar. So, take those old lanterns out of your storeroom, turn them on, and put them in and around your home in different corners. You can also paint them with small rangoli patterns that make them look more beautiful, or surround them. Light up your life with happiness and create simple and beautiful lanterns to add sparkle when lit, made with ornamental stones.

You can choose high-end, elegant, and sophisticated pieces or even create your own. The easiest way for making a nice flashlight or carving a hole for a lamp or Diya to shine is to cut the empty box and decorate it with patterns and prints. Also, you can use glass bottles with a wide neck which is large enough to push lamps. You can keep a lamp or string of fairy lights and paint them in metallic colors.

7. Rangolis

The most beautiful Tihar decoration you can make on your own is the Rangolis. Also, they are an integral part of Tihar, which has an aura of positiveness and good cheer. While using a bit of soft paint or watercolors that emphasize the inner artist within you, some Tihar rangolis can be made. You can buy some rangoli powder and stencils anyway.

Also, you can trace beautiful designs around your candles, diyas. And then, you can decorate these designs in and around your home along the walls. Some people make the most beautiful, creative, and 3D rangolis in their home using rice, beans, chickpeas, lentils, flour, along with a little paint and colored powder.

Rangolis are very beautiful and artistic, made of powder. You can make colorful designs of rangoli which enhance the entrance of your home. Create sophisticated patterns to highlight this Tihar in style on your front doors and hallways. Also, with Diyas, you can animate them. To complete the artwork, arrange the Diyas in and around the Rangoli.

To develop rangoli, use colored rice, sand, or painted materials. Traditionally, during Tihar and other Hindu festivals, Rangoli, traditional art designs made on the floor, are made from colored granular substances such as rice or sand. On your floor, you can easily buy templates to make rangoli, or you can use chalk to draw your rangoli design on the floor. Then, slowly pour the rice or sand over the design using a funnel with a small opening.

At craft stores, you can usually buy colored rice or sand. However, by mixing 1 cup (240 ml) of rice, 1 teaspoon (4.9 ml) of vinegar, and 10 drops of food coloring in a bowl, covering the bowl, and stirring the ingredients together for 2 minutes, you can also create your colored rice. Make any model of your choice, such as flowers, Lakshmi goddess, Mandala, etc.

Just paint elaborate designs on cardboard or pieces of wood and place them on the floor like your rangoli, if you’re on a budget or just don’t want to deal with the hassle. To improve painted designs, make your wooden rangoli more elaborate by placing stones, mirrors, or beads on top. Rangoli’s general purpose is to add decor to your home and bring good luck to your family.

8. Printed cushions

As Tihar is approaching in our door, you can be a bit adventurous and go for dazzling sequin and glitter pillowcases. Add some cushion covers that are colorful and patterned and you’re all set! A great addition may be the metallic shades of the cushions. A touch of festive vibes will be added to your room. Don’t fear mixing and matching. The cushions come in various shapes and sizes, which makes it an interesting display. On a cozy chair, functional stool, or comfortable sofa, try contrasting colors, shapes, and patterns, and position them differently.

A set of colorful cushions can be organized and any room can be transformed into cozy and colorful heaven. You don’t need to stop there! For a bit of visual interest, you may even put a few colorful pillows of various sizes around your mattress or rug. Also, if you believe that cushion printing is a false step, you are wrong. Prints are not just for flat surfaces. Especially when you have a patterned sofa, you can match the print to print. Choosing a cushion cover in a color complementary to the prints on your sofa is all you need to do.

9. Waste wealth

Are you familiar with those old scratched CDs found in your closet corner? Or that collection of shells from years ago when you went to the beach and generally didn’t have much use? You can use the collected shells to create a beautiful tapestry or decorate your side tables. Also, you can make coasters or holders for your diyas with the CDs.

You should paint plastic bottles and place them around the house in festive colors. You can cut them into long strips and join them to form streamers. With the things found in your home, there are numerous things you can do with the things found in your home. These ideas of yours can make it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

You must have found CD batteries that are no longer used whilst cleaning the study area at home. Well, take advantage of this festive season by recycling them into glorious lamps as an opportunity to give them a little life. The best part: you don’t have to bear the trouble of breaking CDs and assembling components.


  • Just stick the CDs together in the shape of a balloon.
  • Inside the balloon, place a light bulb and it’s ready!

10. DIY jars and bottles

To create lovely fairy light jars, use those empty glass jars and old Tihar lights together. Don’t throw away those old bottles of liquor just yet. To give your decor a very creative touch, put some Tihar lights inside them and keep them here and there. Just look around your kitchen and you will surely find empty and unused glass bottles for more creative ideas for jars and light bottles.

To make the jars creative and give each container a different look, cover them with shiny cellophane paper, or use shading putty. To instantly light up your room, put a flame or strings of light inside. For making a light jar, a more unusual idea is to take a mason jar and glue a wide lace to cover it. Laces of various designs and colors can be used. Keep a candle or a few pieces inside once done and light it. It is ready for you with simple but elegant Tihar decorations.

11. The candle inside the jar

Here’s another wonderful idea for Tihar decoration: the candle inside the jar. Yes, take out of your kitchen those old and unused jars, decorate them with laces and ribbons, and then put on a scented candle. It’s so simple to decorate your Tihar festival home. To make it look wonderful and beautiful outside, you can even use acrylic paint on the glass surface.

12. Paper bag lights

On the occasion of Tihar, another excellent way to decorate your home is with paper bag lights. Today, in the Tihar era, paper bag luminaries in various shapes and styles are available on the market. However, to keep the atmosphere warm and unwelcoming, you can choose to create your paper bag along with installed lights or bulbs. So, feel the dramatic impact of this Tihar festival in these stunning, bright paper bags

13. Tea light Candles for Decoration

Tea-light candles are a basic and all-time favorite for Tihar decorating. The beautiful designer washi tapes can even decorate tea-light candles. Just buy the perfect tea-light candles and then decorate them with the washi tapes to make it look wonderful even among visitors and eye-catching. To make it appear vivid, keep the washi tapes in various colors.

  • Make simple candles with pressed flowers that are festive. By placing a small amount of glue on them and pressing them against the candle, incorporate the flowers into a simple white candle. Then heat a small amount of clear wax to 150 ° F (66 ° C) in a double boiler. Then, soak the candle in the wax for about 30 seconds and then soak it in cold water and dry it.
  • With 1 dip in the wax, you can reach the desired thickness. You can repeat the process of dipping the candle in the hot wax until the preferred amount of thickness is achieved. Then, you can dip it in the cold water.
  • You must keep in mind to dip the candle in and out of the wax with a gentle motion by which you can avoid lumpiness.
  • You can use the water colder than room temperature but there is no need to freeze the water you use. You can press your candles using flowers of any shape, size, or species, as long as they are colorful! If you want your candles to have a more religious significance, red hibiscus, lotus, marigold, and jasmine are some examples of flowers preferred by Hindu gods.
  • Make this activity fun for children by having their candles patterned with their fingerprints.

14. Mirror on the wall

Use some small mirrors of various shapes and sizes and use them to create a mural. To complete the design that has to be mounted on the wall, you can use other decorative elements, such as paper, colored wood, among others. Once you have fully lit the room with candles, these mirrors will reflect the light beautifully.

15. Candleholders

Do you have some old glass bracelets that are too shiny because you don’t wear them? Bring your glow ideas to optimum use. Glue them to create hollow support on top of each other. Just use it as a chandelier. The shiny candle would create a shiny appearance to make the bracelet holder shine even more. It’s time to put them to use if you have a set of shot glasses that have been idle for years. Use some gold paint-dipped rope. Wrap these glasses around this string and glue it on. Cover half of the glass and place it inside the glass with the candle. Depending on your style and taste, you can cover the glass with glitter as well.

16. A memory wall with lights.

What can be better than illuminating valuable memories? This is a wonderful way to transform wall spaces that are empty or unused. Fairy lights are readily available and are quite affordable on the market as well. Make sure there is a large space between the dots, by stringing rows of colored lights. Then print some of your family and friends’ beloved photos. Paste the photos between the lights or hold them and see how your memories shine! In any room, particularly in the living room, you can do it. Or make it a point of interest in the dining room.

17. Paper cup lamps

Good decor does not always have to be costly. A few things found at home can get everything ready for the festival and a little creativity! These actual craft ideas that can be worked on together by you and your family. You might make paper cup lanterns to put on the floor, for instance. In paper cups, punch small holes and paint them in exotic colors. Inside each paper cup lantern, insert tea lights-the effect is spectacular. Be careful, of course, as the paper will easily catch fire. Also, don’t let this be done by your child alone.

Colored strings hang from light bulbs and cups of paper. Place colored paper cups, seashells, or doilies on a string over the bulbs and hang them on top of your walls for a dazzling light and color display. Or simply go for colorful varieties of colored lights and hang them for a light display that is easy but effective.  At any craft store, colored paper cups and rugs can be purchased. In craft stores, you can also find seashells, although you can find them along the seashore as well.

18. Floating lamps

Wondering what to do with the rooms’ unused corners? Time for one of your heavy and little-used kitchen utensils to be taken out. Paint one to reflect light well in a dark shade. Fill it with water, put it inside with some floating tea candles. Put flower petals around the container and arrange more tea lights if you are concerned that your mischievous child may be playing with the water or making a mess.

19. Mason jar magic

This is a very popular idea for DIY decorating. Do not throw away bottles or empty mason jars. There are several ways for them to be reused. You might have an amazing home decoration idea. Use colored lights to fill a glass jar and place it in your room or any dark space. The impact is beautiful and inside the jar, it looks like fireflies fluttering.

20. Fruit candles

What a nature-inspired, inexpensive way to make your home smell good! Another clever DIY decoration that even your kid can try is reusing orange peels as candles. Eat your fruit and make the orange peel some holes. Then put inside a tea candle and watch your perfumed glow. To enhance the beauty of your home, you can wrap sticks of cinnamon around your candles. Or, around a glass or mason jar, you can tie several sticks of cinnamon. Then put a candle and light it inside the glass.

Not only do cinnamon candles add a wood theme to your home, but the candle’s warmth will also make cinnamon sticks release their fragrance and fill the area with the cinnamon smell.

21. Use vibrantly colored cushions and curtains

By changing the fabrics, there is another easy way to create Tihar decorations at home and get a festive look. Use curtains in vibrant colors and bold patterns, and also get such patterns and color covers of the cushion. A quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to do it is to change the cushion covers. At a very low cost, they can have a large impact, immediately altering and updating a living space by injecting bold patterns or a touch of trend color. They amplify your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Cushion covers are a perfect way to flourish a touch of personality and energy into your home, available in an extensive range of shapes, colors, materials, sizes, and patterns. With eye-catching patterns and designs, bright and vibrant cushion covers instantly attract attention. With these wonderful cushion coverings, add a dash of playfulness and color to your rooms.

22. Paper garlands

For two simple reasons, this works: less messy than the initial flowers, longer shelf life, and reusability. This does not compromise the appearance and gives the same sense of celebration. For this Tihar, a very basic modeling technique makes it the preferred choice.


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