All About Bhai Tika, The 5th Day of Tihar Is Known As Brother Sister Festival of Nepal

Bhai Tika – The 5th Day of Tihar Festival of Nepal :- Bhai tika is normally celebrated in Nepal and India only which are the world’s only Hindu countries where these two festivals: Dashain and Tihar are celebrated. Bhai Tika is a day celebrated in Tihar.

It is considered as the most important day in Tihar celebration because Bhai tika means being thankful to your brothers. Sisters say thank you to their brothers by following different rituals and traditions that have been followed since a very long time.

So let us talk about how exactly this day was originated. It is said to be a tradition in Hindu mythology that Yamaraj came to visit Goddess Laxmi because they were siblings and Laxmi treated him in a Godly way which later everyone started following. So here in Nepal, sisters who have a cousin brother or a sibling gets the chance to shower their love to their brothers.

Bhai Tika

On the Bhai Tika, the people normally wake up and take a shower and visit their family, i.e. their elderly family consisting of grandparents and other aunts and uncles. The sister sibling in the family later starts doing the traditional ritual of thanking her brothers.

So, the brothers sit together making a circle. After that, the sisters come and sprinkle the holy water, which is known as Jal by taking circle 7 times pouring onto them.

Then they kind of like worship them with keeping all the Diyos and inscents around them and later putting Tika on their forehead by showering them with gifts, a garland of flowers especially the Marigold flower and sweets and special dishes. 

The tika is colourful, which consists of 7 different colours and is called as the Saptarangi colour in Nepali. After this is done, the brothers give them an envelope full of money and other various gifts with jewellery stuffed inside.

The sisters get a lot of things as blessings from their brothers that day. And at the end of this ritual, the brothers kneel and touch their sister’s feet which are known as Dhog in Nepali. Like this, the ritual or the puja ceremony ends. The whole day is yet to be celebrated still.

There are feasts cooked with alcohol and other varieties of food in the home. The elderly women make Sel Roti with vegetables and soupy meat and have it with alcoholic beverages. The sisters earn money as well. The family party and have fun by enjoying themselves with their presence with their families.  

Everyone loves Bhai tika. There is an exchange of love and blessings among each other. The families get closer, and the bonding increases between the members of the family. Even the distanced ones come closer at this time. There is a celebration of any brother-sisterly like a relationship.

The fifth day of tihar or the last day of Tihar is known as Bhai tika. Various other names can be called for Bhai tika, and they are Bhai dooj, Bhai beej, Bhai phonta and Kija puja.

The sisters exactly pray for a long and healthy life for their brothers. The family eats a meal together and has fun by singing and dancing and bursting fireworks. Yes, Tihar is all about lights and fireworks in the sky with a colorful scene.

As Bhai tika is the last day, people often go crazy and celebrate to the fullest by dancing and singing and lighting up the house with light decors.

This year’s Bhai tika is on November 16th, 2020. Since there is a pandemic going on, the families won’t travel from one place to another, but they will have a virtual party. This day signifies the love, devotion and respect towards their sisters and brothers.

The relationship between the brothers and sisters doesn’t have to be a blood relation but any brother or cousin as first or second, but they should be eligible for the tika ceremony. Even mandalas are made with colourful powders.

The females of the home design mandalas in front of their door so that the Laxmi could enter their home and provide successful wealth. The sisters decorate the whole house with colorful scenarios. They even put Mehendi in their hands, and everything is so wonderful, and there is the moment of joy and happiness only.

Hence, this day is celebrated with much fanfare across the country, brothers and sisters mark their special bond by worshipping each other. The Sel Roti is a must during this festive time.

There is a public holiday for the general public, and most of the schools and colleges are closed. At last, this festival is a festival of light and wealth. 


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